You don’t just want to improve customer experience for your customers, you want to transform it

Trouble is, in today’s digital world, keeping your customers happy just got a whole lot harder

Yep – we get it, you’re already out of your comfort zone

It’s not your fault. For years, professionals like you have bought off-the-shelf products or spent the GDP of a small country on custom solutions. That’s because you didn’t have a choice. We have a different way of working and it’s totally going to rock your world.

Building better, more profitable relationships with your customers is going to take an army of digital experts – or at least that’s what you believe. At MATS, we believe all you really need is good customer insight and a little Low-code magic. It’s an approach that businesses are already using to develop and improve services alongside customer-centred techniques like Design Thinking. Having the freedom to experiment and co-create applications to transform customer experience will never be the same again.

Apply insights

Your Big Data and AI solutions are great at highlighting bottlenecks and opportunities. MATS Low-code gives you the power and freedom to create business applications that drive insight into action. Experimenting is possible with MATS because it reduces the risk, cost and timescales associated with rolling out new offers.

Lower CRM costs

Ask yourself, how many systems do your contact centre team typically use? If the answer is 2 or more, if you want to give customers better access to self-service, or if you’re paying more than $50 / month on CRM – let’s talk. We can help you simplify your “marchitecture” and save a pile of cash too.

Technically better

With MATS, you can transform customer experience with a completely custom application or start with one of our pre-built “Accelerator” solutions.  Wherever you start – you can build and adapt your solution to fit your business perfectly and ensure your customers get the rich, multi-channel experience they deserve.

Who is using it and why?

A leading financial services business with 18k staff has built more than 30 applications to launch and improve financial services and empower their staff – would you like to know more?

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How could MATS help you?

 6 classic ways to lose a customer and how to fix them digitally

6 classic ways to lose a customer and how to fix them digitally – learn how Low-code can help you design and deliver a customer experience which keeps them coming back for more.


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Solutions and products


MATS Product Overview

MATS is a new breed of Low-code BPM software that’s quick to learn, easy to use and requires less IT.

Social Media Management

Become a customer service superstar with fast, appropriate responses to social media queries and complaints, with our preconfigured Social Media Management Smart Process App.

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