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Is your business at risk from the Skills Gap?

Every year businesses are fined millions because staff don’t have the right skills and qualifications for them to do their jobs properly and safely.

The hidden cost is much greater. Personal injury claims and customer complaints are expensive and damaging too. MATS Skills Matrix provides instant visibility of your risks, letting you organise improvement plans in the most efficient ways.

Flexible… Adaptable… Yours to control

Built on the MATS Low-code platform, MATS Skills Matrix is different. It’s easy to install and get up and running. But, unlike off-the-shelf products, you can update, customize and extend your solution how YOU want. Putting you in charge and keeping you in charge in the future.

Instant visibility

Manage your skills matrix in a modern, digital way. MATS Skills Matrix gives you a complete and instant picture of skills risks in your organisation. Dashboards and reports help you to identify where to focus training and alert you proactively to problems you can avoid in the future.

Easy to start

Upload feeds for skills and qualifications from recognised sources or your own sources – like SAP. Describe your job roles and skills required and upload existing qualifications and you’re good to go. A mobile interface lets staff update and provide proof of qualifications.

Technically better

MATS Skills Matrix is built on MATS Low-code technology. Which means, wherever you start – you can build and adapt your solution to fit your business perfectly and ensure you maintain skills compliance into the future.

Who is using it and why?

An international utility and construction business is using Skills Matrix built on MATS to track skills for over 16k staff and make multi-million fines a thing of the past – would you like to know more?

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Skills Matrix Solution Document

Download the Skills Matrix solution document and discover how you can manage the skills gap to reduce risk and track workforce skills across your organization