Process improvement

Learn the secret to improving business processes yourself, without coding.

Your Challenge

Process changes get stuck with IT

As a Lean, Six Sigma or kaizen guru, your bread and butter is spotting inefficient processes and designing elegant new ones. But automating the new process usually takes too long, costs too much, and gets stuck in the IT queue.

Our Solution

Configure new apps yourself with MATS

With MATS, you can turn any process design into a working app – in days and without external help. As fast as you can design the new process, you can build it in MATS, test it with users and customers, deploy it, monitor it, and continuously improve it.

How You Benefit

Deploy processes in days, not months

Building in MATS is quick and intuitive – you can literally drag and drop your way to a slick, finished app. And with no one else to wait for, you can fix processes faster, and be master and commander of your new solution.

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