Flawless emergency alerts

Respond better and faster with the MATS Emergency Alerts Platform

Keep calm and carry on

Wouldn’t it be good to know you could reach out to all your staff to check that they’re safe and sound; at the touch of a button?

Peace of mind is just one of the many benefits the MATS Emergency Alerts Platform can give you. Automated inbound response processes and focus your resources on the staff who are more difficult to trace. Use customizable dashboards to keep up-to-date with the global picture from a single, centralized hub. What’s more, because the MATS Emergency Alerting Platform is a Low-code accelerator solution – it’s easy to customize, change or integrate with existing solutions and other MATS Accelerators.

Plan ahead

Build out your alerts templates and contingency processes in advance, then keep them continuously updated. Check if staff have received and responded to messages and get critical instructions out quickly to anyone affected.

Keep in contact

Use MATS Low-code as a central hub for communicating with and coordinating staff and resources in a crisis. Keep on top of a situation with clear access to facts and keep tight control of customer communications.

Technically better

Applications built on MATS Low-code are quick to configure, simple to integrate with existing systems or other MATS apps and easy to change and improve. Wherever you start – you can build and adapt your solution to fit your business requirements perfectly.

Who is using it and why?

When a UK emergency services agency replaced the redundant paging technology they used to alert volunteers, it turned to MATS Low-code. The solution included centralized, location sensitive communications, the power to improve coordination and all the necessary governance controls needed.

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MATS Emergency Alerting

Emergency Alerts PDF

Download the MATS Emergency Alerting Platform overview and learn how MATS can help you to automate and streamline your crisis control processes.


See it in action

Watch this demo video to find out more about the MATS Emergency Alerting Platform and the power it brings.