Digital transformation with Low-code

Remove the roadblocks to digital transformation with MATS Low-code

Chances are, you wish your business could improve digital transformation. So what’s holding you up?

In our experience, it typically boils down to time, money or people. That’s if you’re lucky – it could be all three! MATS Low-code offers a way to address these challenges and get your transformation programmes back on track.

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Why leaders use Low-code

From global telecommunications to local government, there’s a growing army of organizations using Low-code.

Low-code lets you build business applications and solutions quickly and easily without coding. Which means people across the whole business collaborate on digital transformation. It’s estimated that Low-code is 5-10x faster than traditional methods. So, it makes digital innovation affordable and faster than before.

Organizations like Nationwide, Santander, ITV, and Vodafone are turning to Low-code to improve processes, customer engagement and governance. For some, adoption is driven by IT but for others it’s business users that are getting stuck in. Either way, MATS provides the ease of use and superior governance required to suite both audiences. 


Low-code can help with GDPR too

Any business that keeps personal data on European citizens must update solutions to enforce seven key rights by next year.

GDPR legislation will benefit us all when in comes into force next year. Organizations can only hold and process our personal information where they can demonstrate a need to do so. Data must be protected and citizens will have the right to view, amend and request deletion of their details. The penalties for non-compliance are huge – up to 4% of global turnover or €20million for the worst offenders. Low-code can help you: manage risk, remove adhoc solutions and replace legacy systems which cannot be updated – learn more here.


Build new digital services 5-10x faster using MATS Low-code. Generate experimental MVPs in days to test your innovation ideas. Reduce your IT queue to accelerate solutions you do want to build by hand.


Involve the whole business in digital transformation. Design and generate applications and solutions without coding experience and just two days of eLearning or classroom training.

Do more for less

Scale solutions quickly and cost effectively. Applications built on MATS Low-code are quick to configure, simple to integrate with existing systems or other MATS apps and easy to change and improve.

Who is using it and why?

When a leading broadcasting company wanted to update and digitally transform its operational processes it turned to MATS Low-code. The solution included centralized communications control, issue alerting and all the necessary governance controls needed.

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MATS Product Overview

MATS Product Overview

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