Control Shadow IT

Master digital project delivery – with a Low-code development platform.

Your Challenge

You can’t keep up with business demand

You’re deluged with requests for new digital services and apps. But your team is stretched to the limit looking after core systems.  Your options are unattractive: outsource (costly), hire new devs (costly and difficult) or make the business wait, and run the risk of shadow IT taking over by stealth.

Our Solution

Deliver digital services fast with MATS

Your MATS platform gives you super-fast design and development of new, customer-facing digital apps and services. This Low-code approach means your team don’t need to know their Ruby from their Python to use it. They just use a drag and drop interface to configure how the app works, making it ideal for all your Agile / Devops initiatives.

How You Benefit

Do more with the team you have

Meet demand for new apps without expanding your team or hiring external resources. You can quickly configure, deploy and scale customer-facing processes in MATS that connect to your core IT systems. And because MATS is licensed as a platform, you can use it over and over again to deliver the apps the business needs; simplifying training and support and drastically reducing spend on disconnected SaaS licenses.

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