Compliance is a growing burden.

Get consistent processes in place and make sure people stick to them with MATS Low-code

New compliance regulations mean different teams end up creating endless checklists and spreadsheets to provide the right information. Manual systems aren’t fit for purpose. They don’t scale to other parts of the business, they’re extremely inefficient, and they could be a regulatory risk in their own right.

Build new GDPR-compliant solutions with MATS

MATS Low-code gives you an elegant 3-step path to GDPR compliance. Start by creating your own quality and compliance management system, quickly and easily, building a clear picture of which existing systems are compliant. Then, automate compliance processes which are adhoc, manual or simply clunky – continually communicating and tracking progress as you go. Finally, replace any outdated systems that cannot be upgraded with slick, digital MATS applications.

Keep current

Stay ahead of compliance and regulatory requirements by introducing better digital processes. Capture insights for validation or identification of improvement opportunities with built in metrics and easily customized reports and dashboards.

Involve everyone

Use MATS Low-code to build your digital policy library, communicate required actions to staff and track who’s actioned them with digital signatures. Easily identify training requirements or other risks and resolve them.

Technically better

Applications built on MATS Low-code are quick to configure, simple to integrate with existing systems or other MATS apps and easy to change and improve.  Wherever you start – you can build and adapt your solution to fit your business requirements perfectly.

Who is using it and why?

When a top UK bank was required to sell branches and transfer customers under EU regulations, it turned to MATS Low-code. The solution included customer communications, transparency and a complete audit trail at every step; providing the all the necessary governance controls needed.

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