Accelerate mobility

Build mobile apps for customers and staff without coding.

Your Challenge

Turn your enterprise into a modern digital business

Improving enterprise mobility is about serving customers better on mobile channels and empowering staff to work where they need. But, with limited mobile app development resources most businesses have a project queue which just seems to get longer and longer.

Our Solution

Configure, don’t code mobile apps with MATS

With MATS there’s no need to wait for big IT changes to support mobility. With MATS, you can build an app to do it yourself because you don’t need any coding skills – just a vision of how to do things better.

How You Benefit

Mobile apps in days instead of months

MATS is a breeze to use. Model your process in its drag-and-drop interface, and use pre-configured components to configure and deploy the app in days. Any app built with MATS is easy to modify – so you can test it, get feedback, and keep on improving it.

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