Your challenge

Modernising your offering

An industry that used to be a straightforward monopoly is changing rapidly. Increased competition means the focus is shifting towards digital innovation and customer experience.

Managing, controlling, analysing and collating data, is a new priority, as is integrating disparate systems so they all work together to help increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Maybe you’ve tried a completely bespoke system, maybe some ‘off the shelf’ packages modified for what you need, but none of it really works together. And the way you communicate with agents, brokers and third parties varies with each one.

Our solution

One platform, multiple applications, Low-code

What if you had one system that integrates everything. Your back office systems need not be altered, but the customer experience can be transformed.

A fully integrated, easily changeable, digital business platform that you can tailor to exactly what you need without coding.

How you benefit

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

The MATS no code system provides all the components you need to build your system to be exactly what you need it to be. And if you need to change it, you can.

It’s fast and simple, and enables you to integrate applications across departments and functions without changing the fundamentals of dedicated systems, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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