Pricing plans that meet your business needs

A pricing model to match your goals

The flexibility of the MATS platform means it can be used in very different ways by different organizations. There’s no single pricing model that works for everyone.  Instead we’ll work with you to build a business case/ROI ‘equation’ that relates specifically to your business objectives.

Check the options below to find a model that suits your business. If you’d like a tailored proposal that fits your exact needs, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


PaaS-style pricing, based on number and type of users, and your chosen license term. Discounts for larger deployments and longer license terms. Easily add users as your deployment grows.


Flexible pricing model designed for apps that experience peaks and troughs in activity. Only pay for what you use, Based on volume of cases or transactions flowing through the system.


All-you-can-eat pricing for when your whole business falls in love with MATS. Enjoy the freedom to use MATS across your organization, with no cap on users. License terms of 3, 4 or 5 years.


For small or short-term projects. Easily move to another option when you’re ready to scale up. Option to include training and consultancy to give you the quickest possible start.

Reward share

De-risk your investment by only paying for MATS out of the cost benefits it enables you to achieve. Talk to us today about our win-win reward-sharing models.