MATS V10: Faster, better business applications. Built by you.

Facing the growing worldwide shortage of coding resource head-on, last week saw the release of a major update to the MATS Low-code platform. MATS V10 takes Low-code to a whole new level, empowering non-coders to design, build and launch enterprise grade applications using powerful, code-free, ‘drag and drop’ software. This reduces the pressure on IT teams and allows organisations to speed up digital transformation. All within a controlled environment for governance and GDPR compliance.

As easy to use as it is, MATS V10 is not just for ‘citizen developers’. With a stunning, completely re-designed builder experience and a powerful new code API, MATS the natural choice for organisations that need a Low-code platform suitable for coding professionals as well as business developers.  In fact, according to Forrester, it’s the only Low-code platform equally powerful for both.

MATS V10 makes it easier than ever to design responsive and accessible interfaces that deliver a great user experience to staff, customers and other user groups. Development teams who want to make use of their own skilled developers will now have a powerful API for writing and managing custom code extensions.

Here are the headline changes in MATS V10:

  • The Page Builder has been rewritten to improve the builder’s experience and provide interface improvements:
  • You can now create a single responsive interface that will look great on any device.
  • User interfaces can now be designed to meet Level AA of the Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • The theming engine has been improved and can now be extended with custom CSS.
  • You can now present your projects’ timelines with a new Gantt Chart Widget.
  • System Documentation provides time-stamped summaries of application configuration details. Giving powerful insight into changes made between each report generated.
  • The new Code Studio helps developers extend MATS functionality to meet specialist use case needs.
  • Version upgrades for the Build Environment and Controller will be automatically updated. The Build Environment will update nightly, while the Controller will auto-update every weekend.

You can see the full release notes here.