We are delighted that MatsSoft has been featured in the February issue of Flex, the Utility Week magazine. MatsSoft CTO, Richard Billington was interviewed about how we are helping IT leaders to accelerate customer experience innovation. Read the full article below.

A new way for IT leaders to accelerate customer experience innovation

Utility Week Flex issue thumbnailIs 2019 the year utilities finally deliver on customer experience (CX) promises? Early indicators suggest so. According to Capgemini, the big six have all committed to delivering more personalised, customer-centric services this year. Meanwhile, a recent survey by Utility Week has revealed that improved customer engagement is now the number one target for digital disruptors in the energy sector.

But committing to change and delivering change are two very different things. And transforming CX demands a solution to an age-old problem – balancing the need for rapid innovation with pressing operational demands.

That’s why customer-obsessed businesses such as Network Rail and Nationwide are taking a new approach to CX innovation. They’re homing in on the root cause of almost every major CX problem – bad processes – and enabling customer experts to take a much bigger role in solving them.

Low-code platforms sit at the heart of this approach. These easy-to-use tools allow front office teams to take the lead on development. Business users with no coding experience can build solutions themselves, with IT only getting involved to supervise.

As a result, everyone wins. IT has more time to focus on its considerable workload, while customer-facing teams can proactively solve the chronic issues that are slowing them down. All the while, costs fall and the customer experience improves, fast.

This is a new type of CX transformation initiative. One that’s collaborative, pragmatic and led from the ground up.

We’ve invited some of the IT leaders pioneering this approach to tell their story at our breakfast briefing, A Faster Way to Improve CX. Join us on 28 March 2019 at 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin) to see what they have to say.

2019 may not see every utility realise its CX vision, but one thing’s becoming clear – the CX arms race has started.

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