Suppose 20% of your colleagues left your department. How would that affect your capacity to innovate? The necessity would certainly be there, but would you be too busy to lead and implement change?

Two perspectives on innovation

In this interview with renowned Organisational Psychologist Professor Sir Cary Cooper and James Herbert MD of Methods Digital, we look at the challenges faced by public sector organizations, confronted by the need to embrace digital innovation despite cost pressures and severe competition for digital talent. Challenges that we can all benefit from overcoming.

Reasons to watch and key topics:

  1. How do employment practices and employee wellness effect innovation?
  2. What are the barriers for embracing innovation in government?
  3. How can Lean Startup techniques be applied to digital innovation?
  4. How can Low-code techniques help counteract the digital talent war?

Watch the full interview here

Innovation in action at Adur and Worthing Council

Paul Brewer will be sharing his experiences in using Low-code to redesign local services at a working lunch for public sector transformation professionals in London on 3rd of December. Read an overview here.

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Check out what MATS can do, and see how it can lower the barriers to help you escape the digital talent war and start embracing the digital future.