Partner - Torque Management

Torque Management Ltd. is pleased to announce its partnership with Low Code BPM digitisation platform provider MatsSoft. MATS® (the software product) is a low-code BPM development platform that’s quick to learn and easy to use, allowing organisations to develop and deploy an app in a matter of days or weeks, that previously would have consisted of months or years of development effort. The MATS platform has been defined by Gartner as ‘High-productivity PaaS’, and by Forrester as a ‘Low-Code Development Platform’.

Torque Management is pleased to now be in a position to offer MATS to its clients, bridging a long-existing process operationalisation gap and enabling a bi-modal strategy for overburdened IT functions. In a collaboration made possible by the low code app platform, everyone is a winner: IT reduces its time to digitisation, BPM professionals accelerate the delivery of new and improved processes and business users realise improvement benefits earlier.

Torque Management will also support its customers through the process digitisation journey, all the way from concept through digitisation, process optimisation and continual improvement.

“As a MatsSoft partner, we’ll provide local knowledge, industry and domain expertise, licences and support to help customers achieve their objectives quickly. For customers needing to supplement or build internal digitisation capability and capacity, we will also provide the necessary resources in Business Process Management, years of IT expertise and our proven Rapid System™ methodology to deliver exceptional, measurable results, fast.”
– Dee Carri, Managing Director, Torque Management.