Specialist operations consulting firm partners with MatsSoft to turn process designs into working digital prototypes – in just a few hours.

OEE Consulting embraces rapid prototyping

Digital transformation projects just got faster and easier for clients of OEE Consulting, a specialist in operations transformation and improvement.

The Oxford-based consultancy is one of the first in the UK to offer its clients the ability to rapidly prototype and test new digital services to assess their usefulness to customers.

To do that, OEE Consulting has partnered with MatsSoft, a leader in Low-code application development platforms. Their consulting teams have been trained to use the MATS platform to quickly design and configure new, customer-facing applications, without having to engage a team of developers or write any code.

New process designs can be turned into working digital prototypes

Now, when consultants work with clients to redesign customer journeys through apps or websites, they can go one step further and actually build a prototype application to demonstrate how that journey will work in the real world.

The prototype can be tested with customers to understand whether it meets their needs. If it does, it can be carried forward into development. And if it doesn’t, the OEE Consulting and client project team can develop and test different iterations with very little time or money lost.

Prototypes can be built in just a few hours

Chris Hallmark, director at OEE Consulting, said:

“The ability to create quick digital prototypes is extremely powerful. We can be having a conversation with a client about how a process should be automated, then mock it up in just a few hours using MATS. When the client can see and play with the prototype straightaway, they see the benefits very quickly.”

According to Chris, the use of a Low-code platform will free clients to experiment with different approaches to digitizing services, rather than betting the farm on one idea.

“Businesses are under pressure to deliver digital transformation projects,” he said. “To meet this demand they often come up with one idea and rigidly stick to it, whether it’s a good one or not. Now our clients can quickly try out a range of approaches, and see what works best.”

OEE Consulting team proficient with MATS after just two days’ training

Another advantage with MATS is that it’s very fast and easy to learn. Two consultants were trained to develop applications with MATS in just 20-30 hours, including two days of classroom training. These process design professionals can now map a customer journey, redesign a process to address the issues identified, and turn that new process into a working digital prototype for clients to test.

Nigel Warren, marketing director at MatsSoft, added:

“OEE Consulting can now solve a problem that’s endemic in digital transformation. Usually, it takes so long for an application or digital service to be built, that by the end of the process it’s gone through a series of compromises and no longer delivers what anyone wants. With MATS, a new digital service can be designed, built, tested, tweaked and put into production extremely fast – making it much more likely to meet customer needs.”

About OEE Consulting

  • OEE Consulting is the leading specialist in operations transformation and improvement. We work with FTSE listed businesses, leading academic institutions, and the public sector.
  • We are the only management consulting firm that works exclusively in operations design and implementation for service organizations.
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