Gartner recognises MatSoft as a niche player in the hpaPaaS/Low-code sector.

When it comes to trusting the experts, few companies have more authority than world-leading research and advisory organisation; Gartner. They recently published a report about the growth of the high-productivity application Platform-as-a-Service sector, also known as hpaPaaS or Low-code. And MatsSoft made several appearances– including recognition of our status as a niche player…

Nice to be niche

Being identified by Gartner as a niche hpaPaaS provider is a compliment in all sorts of ways. For one thing, it shows we are responsive and flexible compared to some of the industry giants. Large powerhouse brands are often known for their generic approach to problem-solving. Although aligning a solution to specific needs is impossible, it will cost you. Your own customers wouldn’t accept that, and you shouldn’t have to, either.

From a customer’s perspective, dealing with a funky start-up can be a risk too. They may lack the technical know-how and experience to resolve complex pain points. And despite good intentions, deadlines could get missed due to a lack of resources. That’s frustrating if you’re relying on them to meet your own targets.

The Goldilocks approach

A niche, established business provides a perfect balance between these extremes. It’ll be large enough to invest in advanced systems, yet small enough to provide dedicated account teams. Big enough to survive, but compact enough to be a committed business partner. As Low-code “Pioneer”, MatsSoft is one of the few vendors to demonstrate successful, innovative deployments with blue chip businesses and public sector organisations.

Most importantly, we work at the cutting edge of hpaPaaS. We develop innovative cloud-hosted applications, in response to client pain points. We specialise in financial services, public sector and healthcare, whilst servicing other key industries. We also take pride in being a genuine partner to other companies, not just a product reseller. Our approach means we’re able to understand the challenges customers are facing, adding a personal touch to client interactions.

Software with a smile

This would count for little if our technology wasn’t on a par with industry leaders. In fact, our celebrated Low-code software is packed with useful features. Business developers also known as “Citizen Developers” can design sophisticated, end-to-end process solutions; creating stylish and responsive interfaces with a simple, visual build studio. And, hot-off-the-press in V10, professional developers can manage CSS schemes for branding perfection and extend applications quickly and easily using JavaScript. And, unlike some of our target driven competitors, we’ll never claim a generic software solution will solve your unique pain points. We don’t walk away from deployments assuming our work is finished. Because technology is evolving all the time, so are we.

Gartner’s report acknowledges MatsSoft rapid growth and innovative pricing models and recognises the opportunities of combining our hpaPaaS skills with market leading contact centre software through our acquisition by Netcall last year. Above all, we’re delighted with the feedback from our customers noted by Gartner; who have gained value from our products and services. We’re big enough to deliver, yet small enough to care. In fact, we think we could be your perfect business partner. Why not get in touch, and discover how you can accelerate your path to digital transformation?