Methods Digital adds MATS to their Cloud platform portfolio, to provide increased speed, agility and commercial flexibility for public sector digital transformation.

Methods Digital ( and MATS today announced a business partnership that aims to help UK public sector organisations escape the constraints and risks of traditional software development.

Methods Digital provides deep expertise in platforms, cloud and software as a service – with a mission to help public sector organisations streamline service delivery and improve customer experience, using an agile approach powered by the latest Cloud technologies.

UK software company MATS provide an innovative Low-code development platform that is delivered as a service via the Cloud. MATS is used by companies including Nationwide Building Society and Vodafone to rapidly develop business solutions without programming.

“We are impressed by the power and speed of application development on the MATS platform,” said James Herbert, Managing Director of Methods Digital. “The agile methodology we’re employing with clients is a huge contrast from previous IT practices in public sector. Using a Cloud based platform such as MATS enables us to very rapidly prototype solutions in partnership with our clients, eliminating many of the delays and risks that are normally associated with technology projects. We’ve seen a real appetite amongst our UK public sector clients to partner with a UK software company that provides not just great technology, but a pragmatic and flexible business approach that dovetails exactly with the Lean Startup mentality of our agile development approach.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with Methods Digital,” said Martin Scovell, CEO of MATS. “They have a fantastic pedigree in the Public Sector, which I’m sure will raise the profile and importance of MATS for local and central government departments in the years ahead. As a UK taxpayer I hate to hear of so many UK public sector IT projects that have run into difficulties in the past. It’s our belief that our agile approach, together with consumption-based software licensing will enable our joint clients to develop business solutions faster, with less risk and significantly more self-sufficiency.”

About Low-code development

Low-code development platforms such as MATS empower a wide range of developers, such as subject matter experts and power-users, to build elegant web-based business solutions without programming. Cloud deployment enables projects to be initiated very quickly, with minimal burden on internal IT departments.

Consumption based licensing enables an agile, Lean Startup approach, so that customer feedback is embedded in the development approach from the very start of a project. This collaborative development approach can significantly reduce the risk and time normally associated with software development.

Low-code development platforms enable users to configure business solutions without programming. This lessens the ‘learning curve’ for clients, so that they can develop self-sufficiency to maintain and improve solutions beyond delivery.