Partnership will help companies to innovate faster and at lower cost and risk

Pancentric Digital

A new partnership between MatsSoft and Pancentric enables organizations to innovate faster by combining design thinking with low-code application development.

The partnership provides Pancentric with a high speed alternative to hand-coding when building digital apps with their customers. Using MATS in client engagements, Pancentric will be adding to its rapid prototyping capabilities for new digital services and applications.

This fast-paced, disruptive methodology supports and promotes an experimental approach to innovation through:

  • Lower cost: A prototype can be built with far less reliance on highly skilled programmers
  • Lower risk: A prototype app costs little to build in terms of time and resources, so if it proves to be a dead-end, little has been lost (and development costs may have been avoided)
  • “Test and learn” capabilities: A prototype built with MATS can very quickly be tested with customers, their feedback gathered, and that feedback used to inform the next iteration
  • Faster rollout of new services: The development and deployment cycle with MATS is very fast, so if a new application gains approval from end-users, it can be rolled out very quickly

“The MATS Low-code approach is a great addition to our services around design thinking,” said Murray Cox, Pancentric’s strategy director. “Co-creating and testing with real people is a key tenet of our strategy and the MATS philosophy helps us to get a new service experience in front of audiences very quickly, and start gathering data to build the business case.”

Pancentric has already used MATS in its own business to improve efficiency and streamline customer experience.

“The visual tools in MATS for process mapping and data modelling have proved very powerful in understanding and improving our own workflow, and we hope to demonstrate our collective capabilities on a client project as soon as possible,” said James Downes, Director, Pancentric.

Nigel Warren, head of marketing at MATS, commented, “The goal of design thinking is to co-create a solution with the very people who will use the service. Using MATS, Pancentric can foster true co-creation by actually building a digital prototype with the customer while they are in the room. We know that many of our clients are keen to incorporate design thinking as part of their process improvement and innovation efforts. This new partnership with Pancentric gives us access to deep expertise in this domain which we look forward to sharing with our customers.”

Pancentric is an award winning service design and digital agency that uses a disruptive design thinking approach to help clients collaborate with customers on service design, experience design, digital transformation and innovation projects.

MatsSoft is the software company behind MATS, a Low-code platform for quickly building and testing new software applications without coding.

About Pancentric

Pancentric is a service design and digital agency that helps businesses with innovation, digital transformation and experience design projects. We use design thinking to help our clients engage their customers and co-create services that people really value. While many of our clients are in the insurance sector, our case studies demonstrate our experience across sectors. For more information, visit

About MatsSoft

MATS is on a mission to make things better for people who make things better. Organizations worldwide use MATS to deliver new apps and services that simplify operations and transform customer experience. Whether you’re a process ninja, CX pro, innovation leader or IT chief, our Low-code application development platform will help you design, test and implement new digital services before your competitors do. For more information, visit