MATS V10: Faster, better business applications. Built by you.

For too long, Low-code platforms have required a compromise. Do you keep the business happy, or keep the tech team happy? With the launch of MATS V10, IT and customer experience departments can share an elegant piece of software that’s equally suitable for beginners and experts.

The latest release of MATS is still intuitive, quick to learn and easy to use. At the same time, it incorporates a number of advanced new features:

  • The new Page Builder lets you design stylish and responsive interfaces. It offers more flexibility than ever before.
  • This also provides an ability to import and export custom CSS, to maintain business branding.
  • A new, powerful Code Studio lets professional developers create and manage JavaScript plugins.

MATS V10 enables people to build slick business applications and extend them with JavaScript in less time than ever before. As such, it will make your life – and the lives of your clients – even easier.

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