ThinkPartners talks to Martin Scovell

Government IT needs to be robust, secure and functional. In the past, this has led to extended scoping exercises and lengthy, expensive development cycles. MATS lets organisations prototype as they go. This reduces project timescales and generates solutions which provide a better user experience.
Martin Scovell, CEO, MatsSoft

Digitizing the legacy systems of central and local government in the UK is big business. According to the GDS, The GOV.UK Digital Marketplace (G-Cloud) has racked up a cumulative total of over £1.4bn (ex VAT) of business.

What’s more surprising is that 62% of tenders have been won by smaller vendors – which is a breath of fresh air for anyone who has followed the history of previous failed initiatives.

UK government project failures, in conjunction with diginomica are on a mission to identify those fast, agile tech businesses which can help the public sector with their digital transformation exercises. MatsSoft has been singled out for its Low‑code approach to speeding up digital transformation without the need for an army of coders.

Working directly and through key partnerships with public sector experts like Mott MacDonald, MatsSoft is bringing the Low-code approach to organizations including the MoD, DfE, Cabinet Office, Adur and Worthing Councils, Bedford Borough Council and more.

Read what CEO Martin Scovell had to say when he was interviewed by ThinkDigitalPartners.

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