What challenges is the London Market’s claims arena facing and what role does technology play in helping business leaders solve them? It’s no secret that there’s an ongoing need to optimise the effectiveness of our legacy claims handling, whilst also creating systems that help us embrace the future and maximise the customer experience. But how?

There’s no need to get left behind. We’re passionate about helping businesses to act now. Making small, incremental gains that have a big impact. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with London Market Forums to sponsor their Claims Leaders Executive Practice Group. This is the 10th Exec Practice Group from LMForums and is aimed at helping senior claims leaders over breakfast, in a cross market forum, to discuss and debate some of their biggest challenges and understand how they can embrace emerging tech to help solve some of these issues.

Commenting on the new Group, Roger Oldham, Founder of LMForums said “Having been a leader of claims myself in the London Market for many years, I can say with great certainty that the power of collaboration and networking in this unique trading place in the City of London cannot be underestimated. We are immensely grateful to Matssoft for their support of this group which will help the 20 Exec Members in a number of ways, especially in relation to improving processes and transforming customer experience from the inside out.

To register your interest in becoming a Member of this cross market group, email LMForums at info@lmforums.com. There is no charge for participating, the only requirement is that you are a current employee of a Market underwriter, broker, Lloyd’s or work for an industry trade association and have management responsibility in the claims arena.

London Market Forums Claims Leaders Practice Group Meetings:
• 1st meeting – 14th May 2019
• 2nd meeting – 4th July 2019
• 3rd meeting – 15th Oct 2019
• 4th meeting – Feb 2020