Welcome to our Life in Low-code podcast series, where we explain what Low-code is and how it is impacting on digital transformation.

In this series of podcasts, we get into the nitty-gritty of daily life “in” Low-code. It is actually very exciting – from improving customer experience for high street brands to weaving together the most awkward of back end processes which have high costs in time and staff anguish.

MATS Low-code provides all of the components you need to build, deploy and improve business apps, without coding. We call it “easier done, than said”.

So, if Low-code is the art of the possible, these podcasts explore those possibilities. Life in Low-code host, Louise Wright, introduces some interesting speakers who offer up some tips and emerging trends.


Life in Low-code series:
#1 Collaboration, communities & MATS – Richard Billington & Martin Scovell
#2 Executive Leaders Network – Mike Fox
#3 Forrester Wave for AD&D Pros – Richard Farrell & Richard Billington

To listen to the podcasts, visit: Life in Low-code