At PEX Week 2015 last week there was a real buzz around emerging technologies that effect process excellence professionals and, moreover, the methodology changes that such technologies allow.

The MATS workshop “Using Lean Principles To Drive Rapid Experimentation” – with guest speaker Clay Richardson from Forrester Research – encouraged participants to explore a Lean Startup approach to accelerate customer orientated process improvement, using a “Test and Learn” approach.

The Emerging Technology stream on Tuesday explored the economic business drivers that are fostering technology innovation today.  Nigel Warren – Head of Marketing for MATS – provided an impromptu presentation to introduce the stream.  This incorporated up-to-date research from Gartner on the topic of “Bi-Modal IT” and Forrester on the “Age of the Customer” and a range of new customer centric technology that is disrupting the BPM software market right now.

Special thanks to Clay Richardson from Forrester Research – who jumped on stage during the Q&A session and provided a fascinating delve into BPM technology trends including the growth trajectory for a wide variety of “Customer-centric BPM Technologies”.

It was heartening to have confirmed that Low-code Platforms such as MATS are on the right path to significant success. I’m sure the audience will remember Clay’s opinion, “If I were a betting man…” just sorry I shouldn’t publish the full quote!

The MATS Low-code Breakfast Briefing, an industry world first, on Wednesday was a sell-out. The audience combined breakfast with a quick fire presentation of how the “Age of the Customer” is disrupting the BPM Market, followed by a brief case study showing how the MATS platform replaced a social media monitoring application for a major UK bank inside four weeks.

MATS CTO, Richard Billington, demonstrated how to adapt processes, logic and KPI reports on the fly had the audience on the edge of their seats; prompting an intense 20minute Q&A session.

You can access the workshop presentation slides here.

Access the stream introduction presentation here.

Access the breakfast briefing slides here.