Business friendly Low-code your CIO will love

Your business is crying out for Low-code. Business teams want to create customer-centric solutions to their problems and avoid the IT queue. Your CIO is keen to improve developer productivity with Low-code and your pro developers love the way it can remove the grunt work from application coding. But can you keep everyone happy with one Low-code solution? The answer with MATS V10.2 is a resounding YES!

CTO, Richard Billington explains, “We’ve had great success selling MATS to business departments over the last ten years. But there’s a real shift happening. IT teams in our existing customers are getting stuck into using Low-code alongside their business colleagues. And, we are seeing more demand for MATS from new customers driven by IT. MATS V10.2 really is business friendly Low-code for IT!”

There are many new features to help business and professional developers in MATS V10.2:
    • An all new MATS Controller with improved user experience and increased control and governance.
    • The Code Studio has gained a new wave of features to help professional developers to create custom code and build embedded integrations with other applications.
    • Upgrades are even faster as snapshots selectively update only the areas affected.
    • Sharing data is even easier between MATS applications with automatically syncing remote objects and visual import file definitions.
    • And finally, for business developers, there are useful new features to bring document management into the heart of MATS applications.

MATS V10.2 The business friendly Low-code platform your CIO will love

Is MATS V10.2 the Low-code platform you are looking for?

Low-code platforms come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are so easy to use, they need no training at all and that’s fine if you don’t need to build enterprise applications. Others will get a big thumbs-up from your development teams because they are really good at simply speeding up traditional coding methods. And then, there are a wide array of enterprise platforms like case management, CRM and content management systems which have Low-code capabilities bolted on the side. MATS has been designed, from the ground up, to work for business and technical developers alike. This means you can build cross-functional teams to accelerate digital transformation. The benefits to your organisation are obvious:

    • Cross-functional teams help you understand user and customer requirements better – helping you build the right solutions.
    • Less reliance on scarce technical resources reduces cost and risk.
    • Built in IT management and governance features allow your IT staff to keep control and visibility of your Low-code applications.
    • Simplified procurement, training and support dramatically reduce on-going costs.
    • MATS helps you integrate future tech and new channels faster.

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