Powerful enterprise app development features enhance MATS Low-code

Few Low-code platforms can lay claim to supporting the needs of “citizen developers”. MATS does this and more. It helps them build powerful, multi-channel digital services.  MATS V10.1 is currently rolling out with the MATS creative community and it contains even more features to make enterprise app development teams achieve better results faster.

CTO, Richard Billington explains, “Take, for example, a straightforward capability like booking functionality. Then, consider all the possible use cases our creative community might need. Suddenly, you’re looking at a single new feature that could be used for booking patient appointments, managing events, scheduling vehicle maintenance checks and everything in between.  Creating an intuitive, elegant design to meet all these needs isn’t easy. It requires us to use every aspect of our award-winning web design experience.”

There are many new features to help business and professional developers in MATS V10.1:
    • Booking functionality that lets you configure calendars, availability and resources with ease and flexibility.
    • We’ve gone beyond basic GDPR requirements to help organisations deal with privacy in shared services environments and simplify data retention policies.
    • There are more changes to improve access with the ability to create firewall and access profiles.
    • Professional developers will appreciate Code Studio updates and a brand-new feature to simplify presentation of 3rd party system information using iFrames.
    • And, last but not least, as part of our ever-growing multichannel capabilities, a configurable “Text to speech” translator is now available out of the box.

Is MATS V10.1 the Low-code platform are you looking for?

Low-code platforms come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are so easy to use, they need no training at all and that’s fine if you don’t need to build enterprise applications. Others will get a big thumbs-up from your development teams because they are really good at simply speeding up traditional coding methods. And then, there are a wide array of enterprise platforms like case management, CRM and content management systems which have Low-code capabilities bolted on the side. MATS has been designed, from the ground up, to work for business and technical developers alike. This means you can build cross-functional teams to accelerate digital transformation. The benefits to your organisation are obvious:

    • Cross-functional teams help you understand user and customer requirements better – helping you build the right solutions.
    • Less reliance on technical resources reduces cost and risk.
    • Built in IT management and governance features allow your IT to keep control and visibility of your Low-code applications.
    • Simplified procurement training and support dramatically reduces on-going costs.
    • MATS helps you integrate future tech and new channels faster.

If you’d like to get the details of these features, they’re available on our Support page.

Are there any limits to MATS V10.1?

Put simply: the right platform can take you anywhere you want to go.  And, that includes creating business critical systems and even wholesale application infrastructure replacement. Adur and Worthing Councils are doing just that. When they combined 3 years ago, they identified nearly 500 systems and ad-hoc applications. Roll the clock forward and they are already enjoying the freedom MATS gives them to roll out better, digitally reimagined services with more speed and less cost.

Nationwide Building Society have been MATS customers for more than a decade. They use MATS to improve processes and customer experience in more than 30 different ways. Find out why they have recently renewed their commitment to the Low-code approach and plan to increase their use of MATS here.

So, how could MATS V10.1 help you with Low-code app development?

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MATS Low-code helps you build the enterprise applications you need with 5-10x less resource than traditional development. Enabling you to build multi-skilled digital transformation teams across the whole business and providing the control and governance required by your CIO.

To hear discover how this “High productivity application Platform-as-a-Service can help you improve customer experience faster,  check out our recent podcast – “What is hpaPaaS? And, how does it help CX”.

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