Paul Brewer of Adur & Worthing Councils describe how they are rewriting the rules of local service delivery with a new, Low-code development platform.

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Adur & Worthing - Computer says yes

Concluding slide of Paul Brewer’s excellent presentation

The UK public sector is facing a variety of challenges. Digitally-empowered customers are demanding new and smoother experiences, while budget cuts are forcing councils to do more with less. One local authority is embracing this digital future – and seeing impressive results.

Extraordinary changes have taken place at Adur & Worthing Councils. The south-coast local authority has not only revolutionised the way it interacts with its citizens, but also shown the role a digitally-empowered council could play in the future of local service provision. The results achieved from adopting new, digital technologies saw the councils win Socitm’s innovation award for 2015.

Driving the transformation at Adur & Worthing is the councils’ director for digital and resources, Paul Brewer. On December 3rd 2015, Paul presented Adur & Worthing’s digital transformation journey to an audience of central and local government change managers, at a lunch event hosted by MATS and Methods Digital.

In his talk Paul discussed:

  • The imperative for radical change in local government
  • Why empowering everyone to innovate yields immediate results
  • How Adur & Worthing’s Citizen Platform could replace 400 legacy IT systems
  • Why Low-code platforms are essential for rapid digital delivery
  • The future potential of Local Government as a Platform

Read a summary of Paul’s talk and see how you can embrace the latest digital innovations quickly and cost-effectively.

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