The Matsoft event “A faster way to improve CX” took place on the 38th floor of the iconic London landmark, with stunning views over the city’s financial district.

Hosted by Doug Drinkwater, Senior Director of Content at, it featured talks from Netcall CTO, Richard Farrell, and a fascinating insight into the transformation journey undertaken at Network Rail, from Enterprise Architects Philippa Callcut and Anand Patel.

Lively and engaged

The event was well attended by senior IT professionals and those responsible for operational change and development. There was a lot of enthusiasm for the possibilities and many success stories, useful insights and experiences were exchanged over an excellent breakfast.

CX – the next battleground

Richard spoke about the priorities of the modern business, and how closely they are all linked to customer experience, meaning CIOs increasingly need a strategic vision for technology that enables business outcomes.

He talked about the barriers to this change, which include everything from a lack of funding, and getting the right people with the right skills, to confusion over whose job is what, and a lack of belief and commitment at executive level.

Richard then went on to discuss how all of these issues can be addressed by harnessing a Low-code programming environment. How it can greatly increase the speed of change, facilitating a collaborative approach, and get operational and IT teams working together to deliver business outcomes.

IT that’s not about IT

After breakfast, Network Rail Enterprise Architects Philippa Callcut and Anand Patel spoke very enlighteningly about their Low-code journey.

Network Rail operate Britain’s railway infrastructure, so the ‘customer’ in the customer experience chain can mean many things, from their direct customers running train services, to internal operation and maintenance customers, to their indirect customers – rail passengers.

They need CX solutions that cater for all of these contact points. They’ve had great success implementing change using Low-code solutions – or IT that’s not about IT, as they put it.

This encompasses centres of excellence, with collaboration from both line of business and IT, creating hubs of people who are ambassadors for change. They emphasised the importance of an agile approach, with the ability to change as you go, which Low-code allows you to do so well.

What did we learn?

Customer experience is increasingly important for any business looking to grow. In order for this to happen, IT and line of business need to be aligned, and emerging technologies like Low-code can help them do this faster and more efficiently. Used in the right way, Low-code can greatly speed up delivery, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Videos arriving shortly

The event was filmed, and shortly we’ll have videos available with an overview of the event and reactions and insight from some of the attendees, plus the complete presentations of both Netcall’s Richard Farrell, and Network Rail’s Philippa Callcut and Anand Patel. You can absorb these at your leisure and refer back as and when you need to.

Meanwhile, you may be interested in reading the Forrester Wave™ evaluation, “The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms For AD&D Professionals, Q1 2019”. Netcall’s MatsSoft is cited as a Contender in Low-Code Development Platforms For AD&D Professionals, Q1 2019 evaluation.

To see how Netcall’s MatsSoft platform stacks up, download a complimentary copy here.