Transforming customer on‑boarding

“We provide much better customer service and can help far more customers”

Trina Burnett, Business Analyst, UPG

SECTOR Financial Services
SOLUTION Customer digital journeys

At a glance

  • Online quotation time has been slashed from 30 minutes to 4
  • Paperless sign-up now takes customers a minute instead of 45
  • The on-boarding and approval process reduced from >2 weeks to <24 hours
  • 100% growth in applications processed, with no increase in headcount
  • Brokerage business recorded highest growth of all UPG business units in 2015
  • MATS is now the platform for process automation across UPG


As retailers look to perfect customer experience across all channels – ensuring secure, efficient payment management is key. This is where UPG fits in. It offers retailers a single, independent connection to a wide range of banking partners for in-store, web, mobile and mail orders. Continually innovating, UPG transforms transaction data into valuable insights for retailers as well.

Each year UPG’s 3,000 merchants, process over 12 million transactions worth around £2.5BN . But UPG had a big issue: customer onboarding could not keep up with growing demand.  UPG adopted the MATS Low-code platform to unleash the creative talents of their business improvement team so the company could grow – both faster and cost effectively.


UPG used MATS to automate the application process, allowing retailers to apply for their merchant account online, rather than fill in a paper form.

The team was able to reduce a 25-page application form to an easy to use online form powered by MATS. It automatically prompts customers to fill in missing information, ensuring that 100% of forms are now complete when submitted. Automated emails advise customers of progress with their application, reducing pressure on UPG’s telephone agents, who can now focus on customers who need the most help.

Because MATS is so easy to use, UPG’s business improvement team only needed a week of training, despite only one of the three-strong team having previous software development experience.


Speed, self-service and 24×7 access has dramatically improved customer experience

Where it used to take at least two weeks to secure a merchant account, customers now routinely receive approval within 24 hours. Speed, self-service and 24×7 access has dramatically improved customer experience and further increased the volume of applications that UPG is able to process.

Thanks to MATS, the number of applications processed by the brokerage team doubled in 2015, with no increase in headcount. The team recorded the highest growth of any business unit in UPG.

MATS is now being used as a platform to drive customer facing innovation in other areas of UPG’s business, including terminal rental processing, support desk workflow and consolidation of multiple CRM systems. Streamlining processes and improving customer experience with MATS remains critical as UPG seeks to scale its operations to become Europe’s largest payment services provider.

“The business is absolutely flying. We’re doing twice the number of applications with the same number of people.”

Tanya Parker, Operations Director, UPG

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