Accelerating change using MATS Low-code

Joining legacy systems, empowering teams and improving CX

CLIENT Network Rail
SECTOR Transport
SOLUTION Digital Transformation

At a glance

  • Engineer booking process overhauled rapidly
  • Streamlined processes
  • Replaced legacy system, now maintained in-house
  • Removes barriers to other projects
  • Enables a better user experience
  • Adds value to IT’s reputation

Digital Transformation Challenges

The three key business change issues are similar to those of most organisations:

  • Scalability of people and skills. Third parties are not always the answer due to cost and reliability.
  • Business demand. The pipeline won’t allow IT to get through the workload.
  • Legacy IT. Poor experience versus the cost of updating or replacing.

Any innovation must apply to all of those business goals and work across any part of the business.


One station had challenges around the process of booking maintenance engineers, which was so arduous that their customer-facing team was prevented from spending as much time helping customers as they ideally would. The inefficiencies of this issue were causing lost income as well as impacting on customer experience.

They challenged MATS to build a prototype to prove what MATS could do. After two weeks of work, we went back to demonstrate and found that we were 80% of the way towards solving the issue. Not just a presentation of a solution, something tangible that was working.

Low-code enables faster improvements. This drives down operational costs and allows staff to be more time-efficient.


A massive opportunity to empower our business partners to become the ‘change’ agents.

In roughly four months, five or six big business problems have been automated and driven forward by the business users affected. Rather than becoming a problem for IT to solve, they can solve the problems themselves, quickly, using Low-code.

Using MATS was a massive step change. As Network Rail have centres of excellence, this offered an opportunity to empower their business partners to own, maintain and drive forward their specific solutions.

“It’s so agile. Within weeks you have something tangible that you can test, use and iterate in real time.”

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