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It takes a special kind of business to partner with MATS. A business that’s not afraid to challenge the as-is. A business that seizes opportunities to disrupt conventional methods. A business that’s completely dedicated to helping its customers improve processes and experience. And, a business that is committed to removing the digital roadblocks of traditional coding and legacy systems. We hope that’s you.

Check the options below to find a partner model that suits your business. If you’d like a tailored proposal that fits your exact needs, we’re up for innovation! Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Market partner

Keep up-to-date with the latest MATS innovations and discover new ways Low-code can help you client base. Gain rewards for introducing your customers to our solutions.

Business partner

Expand your portfolio to include a range of customisable solution accelerators and custom built Low-code applications. Deliver solutions in partnership with our professional services build teams.

Strategic alliance

Use the innovation capabilities of the MATS Low-code platform to power the delivery of your services to your clients and develop ground-breaking solutions to help businesses improve customer experience.

Solution partner

Use MATS to create powerful, disruptive solutions to your customers. Become a trusted partner to identify and deliver change and innovation projects to your customers.

Services partner

Work with MATS and channel teams to build and customise applications and solutions for a growing, international client base.

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Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald is an engineering and development consultancy working around the world, providing solutions to business and government organisations.

ROC Technologies Logo


Softcat are a leading provider of IT infrastructure to corporate and public sectors, with a passion for employee satisfaction and world-class customer service.

Kinapse Logo


Maximus help governments, businesses and individuals achieve their goals by providing essential services to the communities we serve.

BT logo


BT Group plc is a British multinational telecommunications holding company with head offices in London and operations in around 180 countries worldwide.

Advent Insurance Claims Managagement


Advent Insurance Management are reinventing insurance claims management with their expertise and know-how, powered by MATS Low-code technology.

Skore Logo

OEE Consulting

OEE Consulting is a specialist in delivering business transformation, organisational change strategies and operations training.

Vodafone Logo

Velocity IT

Velocity IT focus on operational efficiency, allowing customers to reduce operating costs and become agile toward market changes.

Virtual AI

Virtual AI

Virtual AI demystifies AI for clients and delivers practical, affordable AI solutions. We automate simple and complex business processes making them better, faster and cheaper.



iESE has a track record for innovation having been reinventing public services since 2004.

Torque Management Logo


Reinvigoration support service operations teams on their journey to Operational Excellence using thoughtful, integrated solutions.

Vodafone Logo

Vodafone Global Enterprise

Vodafone Global Enterprise’s business process improvement practice helps improve customer service and reduce operating costs. Vodafone Process Tracker is powered by MATS.

ROC Technologies Logo

Roc Technologies

Roc is a specialist services provider that works with leading public and private sector organisations to transform every aspect of business processes, project delivery and technology.

Skore Logo


Skore Labs offer a unique blend of consulting and technology to ensure customers have a razor sharp focus on the right requirements for their Mats led digital transformation.

Torque Management Logo

Torque Management

With the MATS platform Torque Management improves organisations’ operations by optimising business processes, automating manual activities, building new applications and extending legacy applications. 

Kinapse Logo


Kinapse provides expert advisory, capability building and operational services to the life sciences industries.