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Traditional application development tools and methods create a gulf between the people who know what they want to improve, and the programmers who are capable of bringing those improvements to life. We call that gulf the Process Execution Gap – and it’s holding your business back from doing the things it wants to do.

MATS is on a mission to close the Process Execution Gap. Here’s our story.

From digital design agency to Low-code revolutionaries

We started life as a digital design agency, developing websites and web-apps for some of the UK’s largest financial services companies. We helped one of our clients streamline their mortgage application process, which taught us a thing or two about case management and workflow. Our customer’s award wins for customer service improvement put us in the spotlight, and soon other banks and building societies beat a path to our door.

From strength to strength

Our flexible MATS platform was a hit, and within 3 years it was processing 35% of the UK’s mortgage applications. Companies like Nationwide, Yorkshire Building Society and Santander flocked to MATS because they saw it could transform customer experience, boost productivity and keep their operations agile – in turn enabling them to take regulatory compliance changes in their stride.

The light bulb moment

Then we had a bit of an epiphany. MATS wasn’t just great at automating mortgage applications, it could be used to solve all sorts of process, case management and customer communications challenges.

That insight ignited rapid growth – and today, our Low-code platform “MATS” is used by process improvers, customer champions, innovation leaders and IT teams in organizations across the globe to digitize, innovate and embrace mobility, so that they can simplify operations and improve customer experience.

Who does MATS help?

We make life better for people who make things better. Whether you’re a process ninja, CX pro, innovation leader or IT chief, we can help you work faster and more productively.

Process Pro

If you’re a Process Improvement Professional, we can help you deliver faster and more agile projects right across your business. Because MATS is fast to learn, fast to produce results and scalable from niche small projects to mission critical business systems, you can use it for a whole range of process improvement purposes. And our flexible Cloud license model makes MATS very low-risk. See how we help process professionals

Customer champion

If you’re a Customer Experience Professional, you can’t afford to wait for highly-skilled programmers to hand-code the digital and mobile apps you need to win, serve and retain customers. MATS helps customer-obsessed companies to deliver what their customers need, faster. See how we help CX professionals


If you’re a CIO or Head of IT, you know how hard it can be to hire and retain the latest digital talent. MATS lowers the learning curve, so less-experienced developers can get to work configuring business apps, rather than programming them. MATS is easier, cheaper and faster than traditional BPM suites, and will happily coexist with your existing apps, like SAP and Salesforce. For an independent view of MATS read this analyst report.


If you’re a Chief Innovation Officer or Head of Digital Transformation, MATS gives you a fast, agile, and less complex way to build new digital and mobile apps. Flexible Cloud licensing means it’s also a low-risk way to put lean startup techniques into action. Hand-coding is just too slow but with MATS you can “test and learn” new ideas in days. See how we help innovation professionals.

Who’s using MATS today?

Organizations all over the world are using MATS to get things done faster, cheaper and more flexibly. More …

Take a look at their stories and see how a Low-code approach with MATS has revolutionized their operations. We hope they’ll inspire you to join the Low-code revolution, too.


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