Achieve quality and compliance

Get consistent processes in place and make sure people stick to them.

Your Challenge

Compliance is a growing burden

New regulations mean different teams end up creating endless checklists and spreadsheets to provide the info that quality and compliance officers need. But such systems aren’t fit for purpose. They don’t scale to other parts of the business, they’re extremely inefficient, and they could be a compliance risk in themselves.

Our Solution

Regain control with MATS

With MATS you can build your own quality and compliance management system, quickly and easily – without any programming skills. Start small by automating just one compliance process. Then keep adding processes in MATS until you have a complete, organization-wide system that’s easy to use and update.

How You Benefit

Faster, easier compliance

With MATS you can quickly build apps to gather data; automate communications; enforce service levels; handle alerts, escalations, and reports; and provide the right info to management. And as apps built in MATS are easy to modify, you can make updates whenever regulations change.

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