MATS enables business teams to collaboratively build, deploy and improve business apps without programming, so you can accelerate and de-risk business process and customer experience improvement initiatives using a “Test & Learn” approach.

Unleash the creativity of your people to drive continuous improvement.


Key capabilities

MATS provides an easy to use and complete solution for configuring agile business apps that streamline business processes and improve CX. Capabilities encompass process, data, rules, communications, user interface, service levels, KPIs and report dashboards.



Built in social collaboration facilitates collaborative process capture, review and approval. Use the same collaboration capabilities to discuss and improve page designs, forms and dashboards.



Design business process solutions using simple BPMN 2.0 drag and drop web-based editor.


User Interface and Forms

Rapid drag and drop assembly of user interface pages and forms using pre-built widgets and form elements. Seamlessly connect forms to data and integrate to enterprise data sources.


Rules & Service Levels

Easily design rules based on events and service levels that direct work to the required resource.


Multichannel communications

Connect process solutions with customers, business partners and the outside world. Configure inbound and outbound Email, SMS, Twitter and Web communications.


Performance monitoring

Easily design real time dashboards and reports, including business process activity monitoring (“BAM”), KPIs and reports from connected data sources.


Cloud or On-Premise deployment

Flexible deployment options.  MATS is available as a hosted service, public or private cloud or on-premise installation. You can be up and running in days with a fault tolerant, enterprise strength deployment that can scale from small departmental solutions to business wide, customer facing solutions.

Other key features

  • Social media
    Integrate and process data from social media channels
  • Responsive design

    Responsive design, so works well across smart phones, tablets and desktops
  • Document upload

    Document upload and storage (with auto virus checks and encryption)
  • Localisation
    Multi-lingual and local time zone support
  • Management information

    Drag and drop report builder
  • Easy integration

    Comprehensive API stack for easy integration with other systems

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